LEGACY  The Barbados YMCA was established in 1880 just 36 years after the movement was founded by George Williams in 1844. Its objective is the development of the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being of the youth of Barbados. Over the years the local body has served Barbadian young men and the community as a [...]
Sport programmes
SPORT PROGRAMMES These programmes are designed not just to teach young players the particular sport but to offer a holistic approach to youth development through sport addressing all aspects of life that contribute to creating effective members of society. More specifically, the programmes are structured to teach young players the rules and mechanics of the [...]
COURSES Eye-on-the-Y Courses The Barbados YMCA Eye-on-the-Y Programme offers a number of skills training courses which would equip young people with income earning skills.  These are also useful for homeowners who want to enhance their do-it-yourself capability around the home.  Some courses are offered in two parts – beginners and advanced – with the advanced [...]