Eye-on-the-Y Courses

The Barbados YMCA Eye-on-the-Y Programme offers a number of skills and academic based training courses to equip young people with income earning skills and knowledge.  These are also useful for homeowners who want to enhance their do-it-yourself capability around the home.  Some courses are offered in two parts – beginners and advanced – with the advanced portion required for full proficiency. A certificate is issued on successful completion of both beginners and advanced sections of the course.  A wide range of courses are offered over a 10 to 12 week period and include:


Participants learn to install ceramic/porcelain tiles etc. The beginners course teaches the basics of laying tiles, tools, calculating requirements, etc. The advanced course teaches ceramic tile laying designs, cutting, diagonals etc.  Each section runs for ten weeks with two sessions per week.  They also run consecutively so that the full programme can be completed in ten weeks.


The beginners course teaches the basics theory and practice of plumbing, of plumbing maintenance and repair of fittings etc  The advanced course  progresses to the installation of a whole house plumbing system.

Electrical Installation

This course teaches the theory and practice of electrical installation. The two sections cover the full range of skills from basic installation of electrical fixtures up to house wiring and installation of fittings required to prepare a house for electrical inspection.  The beginners and advanced sections run for twelve weeks each.


This course teaches participants how to use the Computer Aided Design programme to generate plans for houses and other buildings.

Nail Technology

The beginners’ course teaches the basics of fingernail health care and decoration while the advanced section of the course teaches advanced fingernail decoration techniques.  Both sections of this course run for ten weeks with one session per week on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm.

Small Business Management

This course introduces students to the basics of entrepreneurship and small business management. Students will gain an understanding of how to establish and manage a small business and develop research and analysis skills. The application of the knowledge is demonstrated the completion of a business plan.

Other courses are added based on demand.

Courses for April 2019:

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