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The Safe Space™
 The aim of this YMCA-initiated programme in conjunction with Live Earth™ is to provide a “Safe
Space” where everyone, people of all ages can come to feel a sense of community,
common purpose, and the appreciation of natural spaces within the City of Bridgetown at the
Pinfold Street establishment and grounds. There are multiple benefits, one of which is that the
project will influence and positively affect aspects of physical health and mental well-being for all.
Mural Segments
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  safespace arawaks
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Eye on the Y info

Offering affordable courses in vocational and academic training to benefit interested persons of any age. The Programme is run 3 times each year for 12 weeks.

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Contact Us

  •   Pinfold Street, Bridgetown Barbados
  •   general.secretary@barbadosymca.org
  •   (246) 537-0118

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