The Barbados YMCA was established in 1880 just 36 years after the movement was founded by George Williams in 1844. Its objective is the development of the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being of the youth of Barbados. Over the years the local body has served Barbadian young men and the community as a whole in a wide variety of areas. It has provided a place for the youth to develop their sporting skills; particularly in basketball, cricket, hockey, table tennis and football. In addition the ‘Eye-on-the-Y’ courses have trained generations of Barbadians in a wide range of income-earning and self-help skills in areas attracting both male and female participants.

It has also served as a place for spiritual and intellectual development through Bible studies, training in academic courses and activities which allowed for interaction of youth with outstanding, positive role-models in the society, who were able to provide mentoring and guidance in life-skills.

The YMCA has also provided help to the disadvantaged in our society through of opening its facilities to these groups, subsidising activities so they could participate and even in providing meals.

The legacy of this organisation is one of service to the more vulnerable groups in society and its work is needed now more than ever as youth, and young men in particular, are being attracted by activities which lead to disruptive behaviour and eventually to crime and violence.

Our youth are being actively targeted by these destructive movements and we need to provide a strong, attractive counter-force. The YMCA’s great value is in its inculcation of positive values alongside the physical and intellectual training and development.

Antonio Elcock              President
Clenell Goodman         1st Vice President
Emerald Holder             2nd Vice President
Joy-Ann Bascombe      Treasurer
Veona Maloney             Secretary
Antony Cave                  Immediate Past President